13 mei 2010

Flapsindicator (for small aircraft) working with XPlane

18 mei 2009

MCP (almost) fully working (except V/S and A/P disconnect)

5 april 2009

7 segment displays working

31 maart 2009

12 december 2008

My first trial creating a (milled) pcb, this is a pcb for a PWM (puls-width-modulation) for controlling an electric motor or to dim a series of LED's

1 december 2008

Still unpainted, but korry's working in daylight mode (it is difficult to make sharp pictures of the legends)


9 november 2008

Test & wiring setup for my overhead (unpainted and no rotary buttons yet

backside, need some soldering...

14 oktober 2008

IO cards connected for MCP, MIP, and controls (about 300 wires!)

detail view of mcp connectors

Final version of korry's: 'Press'

Button pushed in 'daylight state' (with and without bright environment)

Button pushed in 'night state'

6 juni 2008

Annunciator 'test' illuminated

(not the correct legend's, these are printed, and I ordered already a 'silk-painted' set)

Annunciator 'dark'

illuminated in the dark

milled from delrin (polyacetal)

'mounted' in a unpainted panel

5 juni 2008

All overhead (front) panels milled

I use 3 panels for each unit (the white is the front, you see the backside), the gray is 3mm thick (aluminium with a symthetic layer in between) for mounting switches, and the transparent plexi for the leds for backlighting, and mounting the korry-switches and rotary switches

28 mei 2008

the CDU is almost finished

Here you see a detail of the layers I made


Nice! Glowing in the dark...

14 mei 2008

I received my 5" tft display's (3x) today


very nice and sharp (native 640 x 480 pixels)

Controller board with vga connector

Backlight board

Controlling panel (for OSD etc.)

Very thin lcd panel

5 mei 2008

Test Efis & SelectPanel buttons

Mould for buttons

26 april 2008

Several buttons, cnc-milled and molded with epoxy


24 april 2008

Selectbutton, milled and molded with epoxy

22 april 2008


First paint and engrave test (cam software is missing some characters)

19 april 2008

IOCards from www.opencockpits.com

(not all displayed, and I need some soldering)


12 april 2008

Last update fraised panels

Test creating buttons

buttons and clock layout


22 maart 2008

Captains EFIS, F/O's EFIS, SelectPanel, Autofligh-panel

22 maart 2008
Korry's with frosted plexi also made with CNC-router
21 maart 2008
23mm Korry-switches for other panels made with CNC-router
I need around 86 pieces of them....
19 maart 2008
16mm Korry-switches for MCP made with CNC-router
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